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Our Teaching Faculty

Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson is an internationally known medium, spiritual lecturer and highly respected teacher of transcommunication. He is the founder-president of the Inner Quest, a centre for the ethical and esoteric development of mediums and serious students of the intuitive arts. He teaches at major colleges and institutions around the world, and is a much sought after advisor to multi-faith religious organizations, sharing the breadth of his esoteric knowledge both as a keynote speaker on international platforms and in documentary film, radio and television.

Brian Robertson’s distinguished career has been devoted to reestablishing a sacred vitality within esoteric mediumship and its associated arts, and to the development of ethical practitioners who understand that, without spiritual awareness, we leave but a poor legacy to the world. His down-to-earth guidance demands not only our attention, but our participation, encouraging us to unfold the spirit within each one of us and thereby create the beauty we wish to see in the world.

Simon James

Simon James is one of today’s finest classical spiritual mediums and a living link to the British tradition of the early 20th century, having been one of only five mediums chosen to be personally trained by the renowned Gordon Higginson. He is a director of the Inner Quest and teaches at major centres in Australia, Great Britain, the United States, Europe and around the world. Simon James holds a degree in Applied Psychology and has extensive knowledge of mythology, the tarot and related disciplines which inform his work with mediums, teachers and medical professionals worldwide.

Simon James is above all a healer and a Renaissance man, whose depth of knowledge of mythology, ancient religion, and esoteric tradition underlies the richness of his teaching in the classroom, on international podiums and in the media. His humour and depth of compassion uplift all who come within his compass the world over, as he shares his innate wisdom as teacher, guide, inspirational speaker and world renowned spiritual medium.

Resident Inner Quest Teachers

Debra Skelton

Debra Skelton is a healing medium and teacher with the Inner Quest where she teaches Sacred Theatre: Dance of the Medium. She holds a BFA in Theatre from the University of Alberta and studied corporal mime with Etienne Decroux in Paris. She subsequently enjoyed a distinguished career as a physical theatre actress, choreographer and teacher spanning thirty years. Debra recorded the popular podcast series for the Open Door Sanctuary and is the author of Echoes: Teachings from the Past, Wisdom for the Present.

Martha Chick

Martha Chick is a working medium, healer and Hatha yoga practitioner. She trained at the Moksana Yoga Centre and offers a daily morning yoga session at the international Inner Quest retreats. Martha also offers weekly yoga classes at the Inner Quest Centre in Victoria, Canada and contemplative guided mind journeys for the public. She is devoted to giving each participant an experience of mind, body and soul which, as she says, promotes “strength, flexibility and fearlessness, both on and off the mat.”

Booking our teachers

Simon James and Brian Robertson consider serious requests for teaching engagements at other venues worldwide. In addition, the Inner Quest Centre may organize a course for your group here in Victoria, Canada or at a retreat centre on Vancouver Island. If you would like to submit a request, please complete the  Booking Proposal form and we will gladly consider your request. 

IQF Associates

Silvana Finazzi

Michelle Finnegan
Park City, Utah

John Johnson
Amsterdam, Holland

Brenda Lawrence
United Kingdom

Christine Morgan
Sydney, Australia

Janet Nohavec
Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

Janet Parker
United Kingdom

Gordon Smith
United Kingdom

“Enlightenment for the sincere spiritual seeker.”