Theurgic Mediumship© at The Inner Quest

What is Theurgic Mediumship?

Theurgic mediumship is an esoteric art with roots which go back thousands of years. In brief, theurgic mediumship is the spiritual practice of awakening the divine within us and evoking the presence of The One via mediumistic means.

What is the training required to become a theurgic practitioner?

Natural ability is the foundation. However, theurgic mediumship is a devotional calling rather than a profession and requires a lifelong commitment to the disciplines of the art. Eagerness and talent is not enough. The rigorous training asks for an enduring dedication that few are willing to undergo.

How do I know if someone is a trained theurgic medium?

Those who are genuine theurgic mediums know each other, and are known to each other. Theurgic mediumship is an oral tradition of study and which calls the mind, body, emotions and soul imagination into action. The principles and practices can only truly be passed down from teacher to student. In our way, you would not call yourself a theurgic medium until your teacher discerns your readiness.

We encourage you to contact us at the Inner Quest should you wish to pursue theurgic mediumship or find a genuine practitioner of the art. Properly trained practitioners today will have a connection to the teachers and education at the Inner Quest. Please do not hesitate to call upon us for guidance.