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We invite you to join Brian Robertson and Simon James on this course of lectures, discussion and practical work in psychism and mediumship, in a supportive environment of ethical practice.

There is a vital link between the development of the self and the faculty of spiritual communication. The essential key to developing full mediumistic potential requires an awakening of the spirit. This course will speak most clearly to those who understand that the healthy development of mediumship cannot be separated from the sensitive as a whole.

This event is open to students at all levels of experience. To register or for more information, contact Rita Vogel Post at Summer Land Centre.


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  1. We are very excited to announce “The Soul’s Calling” with International Teachers Brian Robertson and Simon James. It has been more than five years since they have taught in Ontario.

    Please visit http://www.SummerLandCentre.com/courses or email info@summerlandcentre.com to learn more information and to request your application to the program. Please feel free to share this with individuals you know who are serious about their mediumistic abilities and would like to learn more. The class is open to those currently working with their mediumship and those new to it looking to learn more. We look forward to participating in this class together.

    For those of you not familiar with Brian and Simon, I can tell you they are two of the most exceptional teachers I have known, their classes are outstanding. There testimonials at the bottom of the course page and I invite you to read comments from Mediums sharing their experience in Brian and Simon’s classes.

    We are looking forward to hosting Brian and Simon.

    Rita Vogel Post
    Summer Land Centre

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