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Tarot for Life: Year Two

“Insights of the mind, glimpses of the heart.”


This is the second year of a two-year course. A new course begins every two years. If you would like to apply for the next session, please contact us or fill out the Request to Apply for a Course and check “Tarot for Life”.


Explore the wonders of the Tarot in this unique series of three-weekend sessions held at the Inner Quest Centre in Victoria, BC. with Simon James. Open the doors to your intuitive faculty and gain a deeper insight into your own psyche.

Each weekend begins with a Friday evening lecture, followed by a full day of work on Saturday and a half-day on Sunday afternoon. The course content is cumulative and builds throughout the year; therefore, students are expected to register for the complete series, although exceptions may be considered. Places are limited and preference may be given to those who can commit to the series.

Discover how to use Tarot as an everyday tool to help guide and transform your life. Join Simon James as he provides a modern take on the Tarot as a way to gain personal insight and spiritual meaning in your day to day lives.

We look at the Tarot, not just as a divinatory tool, but as a mechanism for life in the 21st century. Discover how to use the Tarot deck to …

  • Find spiritual meaning in your work & relationships.
  • Pay closer attention to your own intuition
  • Access personal guidance in finance, career and life strategy.
  • Discover a sense of control in times of turmoil.

The art of the Tarot is the story of the heart told by the reasoning mind. A good tarot reader is intelligent, professional, educated in the subtle techniques and, above all, rational guided by intuition. It is a tool for self-development. Come be amazed!

Pre-registration is required as places are limited. Please contact the Inner Quest.