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Mediumship in the 21st Century is a philosophy for living. Spiritual communication is the voice of that understanding. Experience the vitality and naturalness of your faculties as they express themselves in your everyday lives as healers, speakers and inspirers. Let us help to guide you to expand and deepen your evidential mediumship through reconnection with your spiritual foundations. Enhance your everyday mediumship in the company of teachers who believe that the sacred art we practice is an outpouring of the divine within each of us.

Understand the use of the Sacred Presence for self-development as well as your public work. Embrace the mediumistic power for greater clarity in your personal work and demonstrations.

Students will look not only to specific methods and teaching, but to the place that their art and craft holds in their spiritual life. The practitioner will come away from their course with a renewed perspective, and new tools with which to carry on the sacred work they have chosen.

Contact the Lilydale Assembly to register.