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The Inner Quest is pleased to announce …


The Inner Quest is thrilled to announce that we will shortly embark upon our third sacred pilgrimage – this time to discover the hidden wonders of Ancient Egypt! In January 2019, we begin our tour in Cairo and wend our way down the Nile in a fifteen day, off-the-beaten track exploration by land and river.

We are privileged to have as our guide, world-renowned Egyptologist, Dr. Janet Piedilato*. Janet has a passion for and a vast knowledge of Egyptian ancient belief systems as revealed in their hieroglyphics, together with a profound understanding of the mystical tradition. Her depth of insight makes this pilgrimage truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our community, as we experience the roots of our lineage that lie within the hidden mysteries of ancient Egypt.

In 2010, the IQ‘s global community travelled to the United Kingdom and in 2014, to New York State and the Eastern seaboard, visiting many long-forgotten historic sites which constitute the modern roots of our heritage. The upcoming pilgrimage to Egypt will be, by far, the most adventurous we have undertaken as together we explore the ancient beginnings of our mystical lineage.

*Dr. Janet Piedilato studied Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs at the New School University, NY with Egyptologist, Bob Brier. She holds a doctorate from both New York University and Saybrook University, where she studied with Dr. Stanley Krippner, distinguished dream psychologist, and Dr. Eugene Taylor, Harvard scholar and authority on William James.  Her early studies in parapsychology brought her into contact with J.B. and Louisa Rhine at the Rhine Institute at Duke University, and with Karlis Osis at the American Society for Psychical Research, New York, where she presented her independent research.

Interested in joining us for this or future pilgrimages?