The Inner Quest Centre


At the Inner Quest Centre, we create a space that nurtures and encourages students in all aspects of their development, whether they be new to intuitive practice or seasoned professionals. The Inner Quest has an international reputation for developing ethical spiritual healers as well as unfolding responsible practitioners of the intuitive and mediumistic arts whose purpose is to serve. The Inner Quest is home to the lineage of Theurgic Mediumship©.

Inner Quest tutors, Simon James and Brian Robertson, draw upon traditional methods of teaching as a foundation upon which to create progressive and innovative ways of reawakening ancient knowledge within present day practice. The intention is to foster the development of the “everyday medium”, and to restore the art of transcommunication to its healing roots.

The Centre is based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and offers courses in transcommunication, spiritual healing and related disciplines at various levels of experience, both professional and non-professional.

The Inner Quest retreats and courses provide a host of exciting opportunities for students depending on their goals and level of experience. We invite you to find and redevelop trust in your intuition and your personal spiritual practice. Experience a journey of the Spirit aimed at discovering your everyday mediumship, your soul expression and your connection to the Spirit.

Notice: Due to the coronavirus, the Inner Quest Centre has cancelled most retreats and courses for 2020. We are monitoring the situation and will make decisions according to provincial health recommendations. For updates about course availability, please contact our office directly at or call 250-383-1012.

Inner Quest Retreats

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The Gathering: Magician to Mystic
7-night residential retreat
Annually in June (cancelled in 2020)
Vancouver Island, Canada

Magician to Mystic is designed for those more experienced who wish to take their mediumship to a deeper level. This week is also suitable for those new to the discipline who wish to understand the real basis of their craft. Find out more …

The Gathering: Plato’s Cave
7-night residential retreat
Annually in June (cancelled in 2020)
Vancouver Island, Canada

Plato’s Cave will delve into the deeper levels of the esoteric experience and the art of transcommunication. This week-long retreat is designed to guide returning students and those with more extensive experience to deepen their understanding and practice beyond their preconceptions of mediumship. Find out more …

Healer’s Heart (Canada)
5-night residential retreat
Annually in October
Vancouver Island, Canada

These retreats are an ideal opportunity for those who have either recently begun to work with spiritual healing, or those continuing to develop their healing abilities. Deepen your faculties as you work with the power of healing in a supportive environment. No previous experience is necessary but a genuine impulse to serve is essential. Find out more …

Healer’s Heart (Switzerland)
5-night residential retreat
English and French
Grandvillard, Switzerland

Join Simon James and Brian Robertson, together with french speaking students from around the world, for five days of outstanding teaching in the beautiful Swiss countryside. You will be taught the esoteric foundations of the sacred art of healing and be given practical opportunities to work with your potential as a spiritual healer. Open to all levels of experience.

Tarot, Archetype and the Medium (Switzerland)
5-night residential retreat
Grandvillard, Switzerland

Brian Robertson and Simon James offer this unique opportunity to explore the intimate connection between Tarot and Archetype as a portal to both your mediumship and your own self-discovery.

Into The Mists Retreats (New Zealand)
Auckland, New Zealand

One of Australia’s foremost spiritual mediums and teachers, Christine Morgan, joins Brian Robertson and Simon James at a spiritual retreat designed for those pursuing their mediumistic and healing development.

Inner Quest Courses

Tarot For Life
Inner Quest Centre

Discover the wonders of the Tarot in this unique series of three weekend sessions held at the Inner Quest Centre in Victoria, BC. Open the doors to your intuitive faculty and discover how to use the Tarot as an everyday tool to help guide and transform your life. Simon James provides a modern take on the Tarot as a way to gain personal insight and spiritual meaning in your day to day lives.

Lyceum and Intuit Classes
Seasonal semesters
Inner Quest Centre

The Intuit & Lyceum classes are a series of development classes for those who wish to explore their intuition, psychism and, where the ability is present, transcommunication. Soul expression and personal transformation are integral components of this series.

The Soul’s Calling
Weekend seminars
Inner Quest Centre and other Canadian venues

Here is an ideal opportunity for beginners and novices to join Brian Robertson and Simon James for an enjoyable weekend of lectures, discussion and basic practical work in intuition, psychism and mediumship. Explore the idea that the key to developing our full inspirational potential requires an awakening of your own spirit.