Private sittings for the public are designed to provide personal guidance to those who seek to understand aspects of their human experience from a spiritual perspective. The nature of the methods used in the session, whether psychic or mediumistic, are dependant upon the needs and comfort of the recipient.

Developmental appraisals for students and professionals working in the Intuitive Arts are periodically provided for the purposes of guiding the intuitive practitioner along ethical and productive pathways.

Spiritual assessments are offered to those who find themselves on a quest to deepen their knowledge, understanding and connection with the Divine, whatever their spiritual background or field of endeavour may be.

Who are the Inner Quest Consultants?

Simon James and Brian Robertson are internationally renowned tutors, mediums, and speakers. In addition to their work with the Inner Quest Foundation, they are tutors at the Arthur Findlay College of Great Britain. Though they are dedicated Spiritualist ministers, the work they do within the Inner Quest Foundation is interfaith and non-denominational. They bring a wealth of spiritual and practical experience to their work in service to the general public and to the global community of professional intuitive practitioners around the world.

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Private sittings with international Guest Mediums may be available from time to time. Please go to our Calendar to keep abreast of these opportunities.

The Inner Quest Arcana Team may also provide private sittings and tarot readings to the public. These practitioners and advanced apprentices of the intuitive arts have undergone rigorous and exacting training over many years in order to ensure ethical, expert, and compassionate service to the public. The fees for services of the Arcana Team vary depending upon the service provided.

What can I anticipate in a private sitting?

The underlying purpose of a sitting is always to offer healing in the way that is needed by the individual, by demonstrating the reality that you are a spiritual being here and now, connected with those here on earth as well as those who have passed on. The knowledge, solace and understanding that a private consultation brings depends not only upon the expertise of the practitioner, but also upon the open, yet discerning mind of the recipient.

All sessions are confidential, private and in person. We do not offer audio visual sittings. The Consultant will simply ask you how he may be of service to you, and request that you offer no further personal information at the beginning of the session. They will proceed to work with you energetically and mediumistically, depending on the intention of your sitting and your comfort level.

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“If we succeed in awakening the spirit within that is your true Nature,
then our healing intentions have been fulfilled.”

How do I book an appointment?

Sessions are offered periodically throughout the year and may be booked by calling the office of the Inner Quest Foundation at +1 250 383-1012. With some exceptions, sessions are conducted on an individual basis. The session will be recorded for you, or you may bring your own recording device.

Please address all requests to the Inner Quest Foundation.