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Echoes: Teachings from the Past, Wisdom for the Present

A Modern Anthology of Inspiration

by Debra Skelton
Foreword by Brian Robertson and Simon James.


Spiritual seekers the world over may now add to their bookshelves a highly readable contemporary anthology of selected prose and poetry by our eminent Spiritualist forebears. Here you will find passages that move, uplift and make you think – and think again!

Simon James and Brian Robertson say …

“For many years, not only their names but the philosophical outpourings of these remarkable individuals has been lost to history. Now, in some cases for the first time in over 100 years, the inspiration of the Spirit as it touched these men and woman in a time of change and radicalism is brought together for the modern reader. At long last the words of many of the great minds of Spiritualism rank here alongside those of the world’s revered wisdom traditions.”

Debra Skelton says …

“My intention is to bring the voices of our pioneers alive again. These people changed the world. Unfortunately, much of what they had to say is unread because it is sometimes difficult to understand their archaic language. Sadly, their precious books gather dust on the shelves of libraries the world over.

“By respectfully modifying some of the language for this edition, I hope to bring their words alive again while maintaining the integrity of their vision. I trust that a new generation may once again be touched by the startling relevance of their wisdom for today’s world and benefit from the depth of their experience.”

What people are saying …

Janet Parker
Minister of the Spiritualists’ National Union

Echoes by Debra Skelton is a masterpiece of miscellany. There are times when we can often find ourselves living in a somewhat spiritually arid environment devoid of true literary nourishment. This is when we yearn to have at hand something to inspire and uplift us through our more difficult moments.

“This compilation of some of the best literary outpourings from revered spiritualist or spiritual writers from the past is something that challenges and fascinates at the same time. Men and women from a bygone era who were master craftsmen in formulating structure, philosophy and great common sense from a vocabulary that tantalises and pleases those of us who crave greater use of our English language.

“Thank you Debra Skelton for an inspired idea.”

Christine Morgan, CSNU
Sydney, Australia

“The words written upon these pages offer the reader the inspiration to fulfill many facets of their lives, should they seek to fully understand; and to perhaps reread to fully absorb the deep philosophical and spiritual knowledge pouring from the very essence of the words.

“For they are not just words. They are more than even food for the Soul. They contain within them the very meaning of the fabric of our existence on so many levels. The great writings from many great minds of the past seeps into the fibres of our very being, when understood and felt within the heart.

“This compilation of history and modern day teaching is expressed with simplistic grace and intelligence, fully explaining that we change as we venture forth into the full understanding of our relationship with the true divine part of ourselves.

“Echoes” is a wonderful and thought provoking gathering of minds that collectively seek to share their own connection with life itself. With Spirit.

“To be moved by words so eloquently expressed is a joy in itself…. ”

John Johnson, OSNU
Amsterdam, Holland

“Debra has created and written a wonderful book helping those who are looking for the deeper understanding of the philosophy of our great pioneers.

“To understand the truer purpose and wisdom of mediumship within the world today, as well as the past, then let these pages inspire that true philosopher inside yourself. It is not always easy to fully understand the writings of the past, but Debra has brought the understanding and teachings forward in a way that makes it easy to read and to understand the true essence of what is being shared.”

Janet Nohavec
Author of “Through the Darkness

“Debra Skelton has done a wonderful job of bringing together in one book inspiration for the spiritual seeker. “Echoes” is bound to be a book you return to again and again. This work is a source of great inspiration.”








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