The Inner Quest
“Journey from the head to the heart”

The Inner Quest Centre is based in Victoria, Canada and houses the Inner Quest Centre for Education, the Inner Quest Press, the Open Door Sanctuary, the Arcana Team and the internationally esteemed Inner Quest Healers.

The Centre offers programs devoted to theurgic and esoteric development of those pursuing the intuitive arts, healing mediumship and other associated disciplines. Its purpose is to facilitate awareness of our natural spiritual foundations within the practices of mediumship, personal transformation and many of the lesser known aspects of the esoteric experience. The Inner Quest is home to the lineage of Theurgic Mediumship©.

The Centre provides ongoing training for the serious student of transcommunication and spiritual healing, and hosts several international retreats. Over many years, the Inner Quest has established a worldwide reputation for developing sound spiritual practitioners and fostering creativity within our “everyday mediumship” whatever our chosen path in life.

Founders, teachers and renowned mediums, Brian Robertson and Simon James, have long been sharing their unique esoteric knowledge at major venues around the world by means of public demonstrations, private consultations, television, film, lectures and courses. Within every facet of their extensive practice is to be found a profound dedication to serve all who seek a path to spiritual unfoldment.

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Vision Statement

The creation of a meaningful life through connection to nature’s inner knowledge.

Mission Statement

To foster the holistic development of being through balance and knowledge inspired by our sacred ancient tradition.

Core values

To integrate a natural sacredness into our everyday lives and animate creativity as a reflection of the temple within.

To provide a centre of education for the personal and professional development of the seeker, through ongoing training in the intuitive and esoteric arts.

To revitalize ancient theurgic and mystical knowledge with those who truly seek the essence of the One.

To provide a sanctuary which fosters holistic healing and restores tranquility in a busy life, staying in touch with the changing transcendent needs of society and engaging with the local and international community.

Our Pledge

We are committed to offering ethical service in all aspects of our work, modelling diversity and respect for all.